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Global Acts of Kindness


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Global Freedom Movement

Buy Nothing. Barter & Share Everything. Live for Free Globally!

Cool Explorer…


“I found this cool site. Joined ($40 per year), found some cool land for barter and I teach people how to survive in the wilderness! This site provides; free housing, free food, free education, free holistic health care, and free cars… travel, and great people to share stuff with. Who said we need money to live well!”

Thank you, Love et Ana

House Sitter in Napa Valley


“I love being a Haunted House Sitter in a cool Castle! What a hoot. I’m a sports model during the day and Castle sitter at night with two other friends. We ghost hunting at night. What fun!”

International House sitter / Vegan Chef


“I’m living my bliss! I love love love to travel! I Barter my Talents as a Traveling Chef at estates Globally. How much fun! I recommend this cool service. We must make the world free again for all!

Love you, Love.”

Visual Artist & Painter


” I found this cool site! I travel the country and barter my artistic talents. I paint steps, doors, funky cool art for free housing and food. I’ll never pay rent again! This Free Housing Service could end homelessness!” Thanks, Love-


Our Database allows you to Barter, Give away, & Share for Everything:

Free, Barter, & Shared: Land, Housing, Food, Cars, Travel, Adventure, & Companionship!

We have 75 Million Free (Verified Safe) Places to live… Or, Buy or Barter Land and Build a Cool Homestead and live in Bliss!

Exchange Free Housing for: Travel Assistants, Adventure Companions, Child/Senior caregivers, House-Sitters (Commerical, Castles, Mansions, Haunted Houses, ect), Move to Eco-Communities, Real estate managers, Security Guards for families and communities, Licensed Contractors, Security for Construction, Organic Farm Helpers, Homestays, NGO Helpers, Lodges, Resorts, Hostiles & B&B Assistants, Domestics, Boat sitters, Travel Companions, Massage & Holistic Helpers, Personal Trainers, Winery helper, Domestic & Adm Church Helpers, Global Resort & Retreat assistants, Non-profit helpers, National & Free Campsite Helpers, Manage Castles & Estates, Sports lovers enjoy helping Ski, Boating, Mountain Climbing, Entertainment, and Exploration communities globally, etc. (Barter 15 to 30 hours weekly for free housing, travel, food, a vehicle etc.) WE WILL END GLOBAL HOMELESSNESS & POVERTY THROUGH BARTERING & SHARING GLOBAL FREE RESOURCES. ITs TIME TO MAKE THE ENTIRE WORLD FREE AGAIN!

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