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Buy Nothing Sharing Community

75 Million Upscale Free House Shares…

Never pay for housing, utilities, and or food again!

Locate & move to off grid container homes with organic food gardens.

Build an off grid retreat and never pay rent / mortgage, utilities, etc… again!

We have millions of House sitting jobs and Free Housing Jobs globally.

Become a House sitter, live in child car, senior care, etc…

House Sitter Needed on Star Island, Florida. Hiring Couple or Small Family. (1 year contract) (Join our Community & Live for Free Globally.)
Build, Barter & Share Free Housing Globally! Get Off the Grid Forever! Never Pay for Housing, Organic Food, Real Education, Cars, Travel, & Holistic Health care, AGAIN!
Carl is Skg cool honest Travel Assistant… Travel the world for free while helping me with production projects. Free Housing, Food, & Stipend provided. (Apply for this Job)


Share & Barter for: (75 Million Free House Shares), Free Organic Food, Free Cars, Off Grid Cash Jobs, Free Land,

Free Holistic Health care, Free Education, & Free Live in Helpers.

Off Grid Retreat Needs Live in Property Manager. Mexico (2 year free housing contract) (Apply for this Job Below.)
Kyle Loves Extreme Sports & is a Sustainable Contractor. He can help you build a cool homestead!
Off Grid Retreat Needs House Manager… Live on the ocean… Enjoy Free Housing, Food, Car, & Stipend provided. (Join our Community… move in 24 hours!)
Jill is a Free Live in Tantra Massage & Fasting Expert. Jill will heal your: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, etc. (Hire Jill for Free.)
Build a Cool Off Grid Tent House in a Few Days… Zero Rent & Zero Bills. Our Staff will help you find Free or Cheap Land… and build a Tent Homestead. (Join our Community.)
Barter, Share, or Take Over Land for your Homestead and Organic Farming. (Join our private community.)
House Sitter Needed for Miami Beach, Fl. (1.5 year contract) Food and Car provided. (Apply for this Job.)
Never Buy Organic Food AGAIN! Our online Food Map has over 4 Million Members. (Join our Community.)
Free Massage Exchange Community. Find a cool free massage partners and get healthy. (Join our private community.)

Start Living for Free while Healing the Planet!

A few words from our cool members…

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