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75 Million Global Free Housing Jobs & Free Live-in Helpers!

I Bartered my skills at a Spanish Winery!


“I joined for FREE! In 4 days, Ana found me the perfect Paid Free Housing Job… in Spain! I house sit in this amazing Spanish Mansion.” I paid nothing until Ana found me free housing…

House Sitter in Napa Valley


“I’m a Castle sitter in Napa Valley! What a hoot. I’m a sports model during the day and Castle sitter at night with two other helpers. I recommend this service.”

International House sitter / Vegan Chef


“I love love love to travel! I get paid as a Traveling Chef at estates Globally. How much fun! I recommend Free Housing Project & Love.”

Visual Artist & Painter


” I found this cool site! I travel the country and barter my artistic talents. I paint steps, doors, funky cool art for free housing and food. I’ll never pay rent again! This Free Housing Service could end homelessness!” Thanks, Love-


Meet great people who barter, share, & gift skills for

Free: Housing, Food, Cars, Travel, Land, & Live-in Helpers!

We have 75 Million Free Housing Global Jobs & Free Live-in Helpers:

Live-in: Child/Senior caregivers, House-Sitters, Move to Eco-Communities, Real estate managers, Security Guards for families and communities, Licensed Contractors, Security for Construction, Organic Farm Helpers, Homestays, NGO Helpers, Lodges, Resorts, Hostiles & B&B Assistants, Domestics, Boat sitters, Travel Companions, Massage & Holistic Helpers, Personal Trainers, Winery helper, Domestic & Adm Church Helpers, Global Resort & Retreat assistants, Non-profit helpers, National & Free Campsite Helpers, Manage Castles & Estates, Sports lovers enjoy helping Ski, Boating, Mountain Climbing, Entertainment, and Exploration communities globally, etc. (Barter 15 to 30 hours weekly for free housing, travel, food, & a vehicle.)

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